A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Imagine you awake and find yourself on an island. You have no idea where you are and what happened. The only thing you know is that you have to keep going on.

But don't be afraid! In "Go Farm Yourself" you're not alone!

The island you stranded on is inhabitated by kind and helping people living together in a lovely little village. They will help you finding your place to build up your own farm and eventually be part of this new found community.


  • Discover a vilage full of friendly people waiting to get to know you
  • Help them and eventually they will help you
  • Grow crops to sell for money
  • Gather materials for building
  • Hire more workers for your farm to raise your productivity
  • Explore more mysterious islands and uncover a yet unknown danger

Will you be able to settle down in this unknown land?


GFY is our first game and first started out as a sample project for us to get to know the Godot Engine.
As we progressed in the profession of making games so did this project evolve to a point where we didn't see any reason why not to release it.

Now just feel free to try our work (for free of course)! We really hope you enjoy it!
Keep in mind, though:
As for the fact that GFY is only a sample and we are already planning a new exciting project, don't expect any more content, large bugfixes or a highly polished game.

If you prefer the simple and free lifestyle only a web hosted game is able to offer you, you might be interested in the web version of Go Farm Yourself!


RPG Maker VX Ace - Rural Farm Tiles Resource Pack [Copyright](C) 2014 ENTERBRAIN, INC; artist Celianna

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorsCodeGoons, CodeDude, McSora
Made withGodot, Pyxel Edit, Tiled
Tags2D, Casual, Farming
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


Go Farm Yourself (Android) 110 MB
Go Farm Yourself (Linux) 95 MB
Go Farm Yourself (MacOS) 107 MB
Go Farm Yourself (Windows) 94 MB

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It is a huge inspiration for my own game iam developing right now: 



Sounds interesting, might keep an eye on your progress ;)

Might be a good idea today, just published a huge update and open-sourced it :)

can you get married and have kids in this game?

Sadly not, we didn't get that far in the development :P

I'm downloading the game for windows but I can't seem to play the game.


What seems to be the problem? It does work fine for many people :)

The when I click the .exe to play the game the game appeared for a sec then it suddenly disappeared O.o 

Two wild guesses, as there is not much to go after:

- you're missing the .pck that goes with the .exe file, but i guess you wouldn't see anything happening if that'd be the case

- your pc is not meeting the minimum specs to run godot games

Now keep in mind those are just some guesses based on what i already experienced, could be totally off.

You got any more specs of your pc or a more detailed description of what you see an when exactly it crashes? But usually, when your pc meets the specs and everything is at it's place, it should at least start without any problems :D

Okay I have one issue with game, you need to make windows game version make either game-pad accessible, because what is its an android game but you placed now windows means to play. Never change the ability to play it. 

(5 edits) (+1)

For some reason hardwood is really rare in the stage of making a forge. Can't buy it on the market. I've cut EVERY tree down that grows. Just raw wood.

Trees which are "darker than the others" don't pop up often.

On a side note, trees and rocks spawn inside of anything you build, including the garden/farm area.

I've also seen NPCs get stuck inside of trees and rocks that spawn where they are standing.

You know Hardwood exists with oak and if someone were give wiki to codegoons to understand why there are people who will be technical on that subject.   Softwoods are caliber exist with pine and Spruce.




Pacific Albus and Rubber tree

Pulp wood that consider either too flame-able or more dense wood perfect for paper and other means. Like Eucalyptus,  You find that Pulpwood wiki.(sap wood is essential making decent pulp that could include sugar pines you know).

Is there replanting mechanic in game like have sapling event where you gain after you chopped a tree down?  Replant somewhere or is there a possible regrowth means so you don't have to do painstaking replanting measure?

Codegoons could update his game with data or he could just say its just game I don't need to be technical.  Anyone else want this data for there game its for anyone else if you need more data you go wikipedia...

If you are looking for milk for a quest where it is needed: check the shop where you buy your seeds and all that stuff. If you sort by category it's pretty far down there. That's a part of the game where there was much more planned than implemented in the end.

Kind regards,

(3 edits)

The Shop only change stock every 24 hours (thought it was more frequently earlyer), so if trader only got 15 milk that day you can't progress further that day.

An easy fix would be to make the Shop change stock more frequently.

If shop updated often it would fix other problems in game:

-  Random quest ask for flour before you got Mill built.

- Concrete's unbalanced recipe. (droprate VS recipe requirement VS reward)

- Milk, butter, cheese could be bought more frequently

I am on last island now and on the "Imminent Eruption" quest, so guessing i have seen most of the content now. 

With that in mind, i have a few other suggestion to the developers;

-  Lower the time to cut Large Tree on first island from 30 min - to 10 min.

- Reduce the cost of workers bought after 9 workers owned. (i have played aaaaaalot and never gotten more then 10)

- Increase the money reward on random quest by ALOT. Atm the random quests eat up all your money. Items they ask for give you less in reward then the shop would pay you. +Random often ask you to buy/sell (earn/use), so you end up buying/selling stuff you otherwise wouldnt have. The increased spawn of random quest is very nice, BUT no money left to buy workers or tools or anything if you try to do as many random quests as you can. Workers are often buzzy just cutting trees or rocks instead of making gold, and the crops they ask for pay only half the price you would have gotten selling it yourself.

There are other issues like workers getting stuck until trees or rocks are removed, Trees and rocks spawning in the middel of farmplots.  Workplaces where you loose all reward if a tree or rock is next to it, missing animation of the workers that work in buildings in your worker-panel (so you end up sending more then 1 worker to same building and none of them can move until work is done). But if the other things i mention earlyer is fixed - one can still REALLY enjoy this game even with the other issues mentioned.

A big thank you to the developers for this game. I have enjoyed it. Hopefully your next project will be revealed soon. If you need a tester.... hint hint. lol

Edit: forgot to mention. After an update (2 updated ago) - there was a buggy item added to the shop. It shows up without any icon or price, and if you click it the game crashes every time.

As usual, really appreciate your feedback :)

The broken item should be chocolate which was removed from the game in an earlier fix, we already realized we missed some spots.

As for balancing: can't really argue with you there, it's not something we spent too much time on when trying to get the game to a releasable state. This goes for alle balancing related stuff you mentioned, the trees, worker costs, drop rates and so on. 

The workers getting stuck part made me kinda curious, maybe we'll look into that someday.

We're still glad that our little project got people interested enough to email or comment us about it. And all jokes aside: we already decided that IF we ever get our next project to a point where we have something to show (since all this is done in sadly really spare spare time), you're one of the first to know ;)

Super light spoiler: your assumption about your progress in the game is about right, there's not really much left.

Kind regards,

(3 edits)

Thank you. :)  I would love that. 

I have maxed out reputation, and finished this game (cryyyy),  so this will be the last post from me. 

Just wanted to say one last thank you to all of you, for all the hours of fun i have had, and wish you all good luck with your next game.

Take care, and see you in the next one :)

After making the Mill i couldnt click the "make Flour" button. Logged off, and today when trying again i can make Flour. But... I have no quest to move forward in game. Thought i had a quest to use the Mill, but can't see it now?  Nobody offering new quests atm, so can't see any way to progress further in game. Have i found the end? Or is there a hidden way to reach next island?

Hi Sunjean,

You might be right in a way. There is a - let's say "underdocumented" - way to progress: The "Reputation".

Your current reputation level is shown next to your money in the upper left corner of the screen and indicates how trusted you are by the townsfolk. This reputation level also triggers certain quests on level up. You gain reputation by completing quests, so you may need to do some daily quests to earn enough repuation to level up.

Could you tell us real quick what your current reputation level is and how far you've progressed on the reputation-bar by now?

Kind regards,

Thank you for the clarification.

As you see on the image its alot missing. 

And with only daily quest it will take me 3-4 weeks to next reputation level? :) 

A "tad" much (?) with nothing else to do.



I tryed to messure how much progress from turning in daily quest. But at this level so much is required (compared to what you get from turn in) that its impossible for the normal eye to see any progress when turning in the daily quest at lvl 4 reputation.

We've just released an update which should make the process a lot more bearable. 

To do so we changed daily quests into repeatable quests, meaning you can expect a new quest some time after you finished your last one (though we're not spoiling how long exactly it takes for a new quest to appear on the bulletin board ;)). Also, you now recieve significantly more reputation for finishing a repeatable quest. (from 2,5 to almost 10 times more, depending on the quest)

This won't make you instantly reach your desired reputation level, but that's the cost of keeping it balanced for any new players who get more quests and reputation from the beginning.

Hope this helps you progress even further.

Kind regards,

Sounds like a perfect solution :) I have downloaded and tryed it out, and I am progressing nicely now.  Thank you all for the fast fixes and releases.  Now off to explore more of your game :)

I really enjoy games like this. I find it sort of unfortunate the game isn't planned to go any further. It has great potential.

Farming and mining games are things are enjoy.